Cutting-edge Dyneema® fabric for a competitive edge

If there are three things that unite all great athletes, it’s punching above their weight, pushing themselves to the limit and never giving up.

Dyneema® fiber has that very same tenacity, making it the material of choice for creating high-performance fabrics that just don’t quit. As the strongest, most durable lightweight fiber in the world, Dyneema® allows designers to produce apparel and footwear that combine immense strength with ultra-low weight, supporting peak performance when it matters most. Whether you’re scaling a mountain, hiking a forest trail, or setting a new personal best on the bike, Dyneema® is a worthy companion for anyone who wants to see how far they can go.

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A game-changer in strength and durability

Fifteen times stronger than steel at the same weight, Dyneema® fiber enables fabrics that are far more durable than standard materials, outperforming the strongest woven nylon and polyester- or aramid-enhanced denim. And because the Dyneema® fiber content in the fabric can be customized, it means our partners can tailor their designs with precision to deliver the optimum level of tear and tensile strength for their product.

Lightweight design for high endurance

Because Dyneema® is so much lighter than nylon, polyester, and aramids, it opens up whole new performance horizons in performance clothing and footwear. In applications where super strength is a must, fabrics made with Dyneema® can be designed to maximize strength without increasing weight. Conversely, when you want nothing weighing you down, Dyneema®-based fabrics are the perfect solution for minimizing weight without sacrificing performance.

Leading the pack in sustainability

Dyneema®’s high performance doesn’t just apply to its strength, weight, and durability – we’re equally committed to the pursuit of excellence in sustainability. 

Fabrics are available with bio-based Dyneema® fiber, which carries a 90% lower carbon footprint than generic HMPE fiber. And because apparel made with Dyneema® have such excellent durability and reliability, they last longer and reduce material usage over time.

Alongside these advantages, we carefully monitor the sources of energy used in our own manufacturing centers.  100% of the electricity used in our processes is from renewable sources.

Want the same high performance with a lower carbon footprint?

Discover bio-based Dyneema® fiber

Articles made with Dyneema® are a cut above

Dyneema® can be woven, knitted or bonded to create fabrics with superior performance in every field.

Light, strong, soft, durable and always beautiful. Take a look at some of the products that Dyneema® transforms.


Tear resistance – Outperforms the strongest nylon materials on all resilience tests

Outstanding durability – Articles last longer

Reduced weight – Allows wearers to move faster and more comfortably

Abrasion and tear resistance – Provides a layer of protection

Reduced weight – Enables superior speed and comfort

Natural feel – Can be paired with traditional materials and take much-loved fabrics, such as denim, to the next level of performance

Breathability – Mesh design allows heat and moisture to escape without compromising on strength

Dyneema® out there


The norda™ 001 is the first seamless trail running shoe made with bio-based Dyneema® fiber. Its shoe upper is seamlessly constructed with Dyneema® fabric, and the shoelaces are made of Dyneema® fibers. The result is a sleek, low-weight shoe that keeps runners light on their feet.

Fox Racing

Among Fox Racing’s many articles constructed with Dyneema® is the Shirt Flexair Pro. It features Carvico fabric on the shoulders and sleeves made with abrasion-resistant Dyneema®. It’s designed to give wearers freedom of movement – and peace of mind – even in rough terrain.


Vollebak’s Indestructible Puffer harnesses the power of the world’s strongest fiber™ to create the toughest puffer jacket ever created. Built to see users down to -40C, the jacket comes in one color: black. And one mode: tough.


ThruDark’s Charge Trousers are constructed from a composite blend of breathable and abrasion-, water-, and wind-resistant fabrics, with Dyneema® providing optimum abrasion resistance from scuffs and scrapes while keeping the article suitable for all-round use.

We’ve taken the puffer jacket – traditionally one of the weakest and most delicate pieces of clothing you can buy – and rebuilt it from the strongest fiber ever made. The material we’ve used is so tough that, in early tests, it broke the machines that were meant to be testing them! When we went to build the toughest puffer jacket ever created, there was only ever one material we could use.

Nick and Steve Tidball, Co-Founders, Vollebak

When we set out to create the norda™ 001, our mission was to design an ultra-strong, durable, and high-performance trail running shoe – and do it as sustainably as possible. To achieve that goal, we had to look beyond the standard materials used by the footwear industry. We realized the properties of bio-based Dyneema® fiber beat everything available today.

Willamina and Nick Martire, CEOs & Co-Founders, norda™

What is Dyneema® – and how is it used?

Dyneema® fiber is a form of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) which has been molecularly engineered to make it the world’s strongest fiber™. And when combined with traditional materials, Dyneema® fiber makes apparel and footwear lighter and stronger without compromising on strength, durability, or comfort. 

Wovens with Dyneema®

Adding Dyneema® to woven fabrics allows the creation of strong, durable performance apparel, footwear, backpacks, bags, luggage, workwear, and industrial clothing.

Denim with Dyneema®

Compared to other synthetic materials, only a relatively small amount of Dyneema® needs to be added to denim to elevate its durability, strength, and abrasion resistance. The result? Performance apparel, workwear, and motorcycle denim that’s stronger, lighter, and more comfortable than ever before, without impacting the look and feel of this iconic fabric.

Knits with Dyneema®

Knitted fabrics made with Dyneema® are ideal for protective apparel, sportswear, and workwear due to their exceptional abrasion, cut, and tear resistance. What’s more, Dyneema® is easy to combine with other synthetic or natural yarns.

Mesh with Dyneema®

Ideal for footwear and backpacks, mesh fabrics made with Dyneema® have outstanding breathability, strength, and abrasion resistance, as well as ultra-low weight.

Stronger together

By working closely with our trusted team of manufacturing partners, we ensure that all performance apparel and footwear made with Dyneema® delivers the highest levels of protection, comfort, and durability. The result? Enhanced safety, performance, and enjoyment during life’s great adventures.     

Where to buy

Performance apparel and footwear made with Dyneema® fiber are available from our trusted sellers across the globe.

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Design with Dyneema®

Feeling driven to design ultra-light clothing or footwear? Then get in touch with the Dyneema® team. Our specialists have the technical expertise to support you in developing top-quality gear across the full spectrum of end-use applications.

We’ve got technical centers in the Netherlands, Singapore, and the USA, each with state-of-the-art testing capabilities to assess the performance of your articles. Teams of experts who are always looking for ways to make Dyneema® even stronger and lighter. And certification support to ensure that your gear ticks all the right legal boxes. With this comprehensive package of technical assistance, we deliver strength in more ways than one. If you share our pursuit of excellence, why not get in touch?

Design with Dyneema®

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