Whenever you’re pushing ahead, Dyneema® fabric has your back

Dyneema® fiber is the key ingredient in protective fabrics that outperform the entire competition.

When it comes to strength, lightweighting, and durability, Dyneema® is the undisputed world champion. No other fiber can match it. For over three decades, protective apparel made with Dyneema® have been enhancing safety and enjoyment for thrill seekers around the world. And we never stop pushing the boundaries of what the world’s strongest fiber™ can do.

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Abrasion resistance that goes the distance

As a cyclist, you need outstanding abrasion resistance to keep you safe and comfortable on the road – and Dyneema® leads the peloton in this race.

With its high tensile strength and low friction coefficient, Dyneema® ensures cycling gear is highly resistant to abrasion and wear while maintaining the comfort and low weight that cyclists demand. It’s also resistant to moisture, UV rays, and most chemicals, ensuring that it maintains its abrasion-resistant properties even in challenging outdoor conditions.

We’ve developed jerseys for Tour de France teams that offer complete protection against abrasions up to 60 km/h when combined with a protective base layer, and innovations like these have made Dyneema® an indispensable material in the world of elite cycling. 

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A cut above the rest

Dyneema® outperforms all other competitive materials on cut-protection performance. As a result, it’s ideally suited for applications like ice skating and ice hockey, in which resistance against cuts from sharp blades is a must.

At the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, speed skating gear made from knits with Dyneema® delivered unmatched levels of lightness and ventilation, and its safeguarding layer of cut- and abrasion-resistant material provided exceptional levels of protection. When top athletes wear such strong, lightweight gear on the ice, the only thing that’s getting broken is the world record.

Ultra-strong denim with aesthetic appeal

How do you make denim that supercharges protection levels while preserving the iconic look and feel of the world’s most popular clothing item? Denim with Dyneema®, which is stretchable enough for improved comfort and slim-fit designs, meets and exceeds modern safety standards for motorcycle protection – and does so in style.

These qualities are just as important on the skatepark, where the ultra-high strength of Dyneema® allows skaters to perform hair-raising tricks with greater peace of mind. Lightweight, comfortable, and protective, skateboarding denim made with Dyneema® raises performance to new heights without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

Protection for the planet, too

Dyneema® doesn’t just protect against hazards in the short term; it’s also the best solution when it comes to protecting the planet.

Fabrics are available with bio-based Dyneema® fiber, which carries a 90% lower carbon footprint than generic HMPE fiber. And because apparel made with Dyneema® have such excellent durability and reliability, they last longer and reduce material usage over time.

Alongside these advantages, we carefully monitor the sources of energy used in our own manufacturing centers and use 100% renewable electricity to power our production facilities. 

Want the same high performance with a lower carbon footprint?

Discover bio-based Dyneema® fiber

How Dyneema® can save your skin

Take motorcycle denim with Dyneema®, for example: lightweight styles allow wearers to move faster, freer, and more comfortably on the open road.

And yet, denim with Dyneema®, can withstand a 75-meter slide on asphalt.

Dyneema® brings this iconic fabric to the cutting edge of 21st-century material science with single-layer denim that meets European conformity (CE) standards for protection.


Abrasion resistance – Thinly woven fibers protect the skin from abrasion in the event of a crash

Tear resistance – Outperforms the strongest nylon and denim materials on all resilience tests

Cut resistance – Excellent performance against cuts and punctures

Stretchy and comfortable – fabrics are blended with elastic fiber making them more comfortable

Dyneema® out there


Looking to design protective jeans that offer outstanding protection while doubling as everyday wear, SA1NT found the perfect material in Dyneema®. These abrasion-resistant jeans can withstand a 75-meter slide on asphalt – and the stretchiness of Dyneema® ensures that articles are comfortable and wearable, both on and off the bike. 


Bowtex® breaks the codes of conventional motorcycle protective gear by using high-end technical fibers like Dyneema®. The result? Strong, durable, abrasion-resistant articles that are also lightweight, breathable, and flexible.

Team dsm-firmenich

This elite cycling team, which has long used state-of-the-art equipment to develop its racewear, was looking for ways to integrate Dyneema® fibers into its high-performance kit. By establishing successful partnerships with premium manufacturer Nalini and technology partner Bioracer, the team has set a new benchmark in terms of aerodynamics, speed, and protection levels.   

Dyneema® allows us to create world-first technological denims that are all-day wearable, breathable, and unbreakable. We’ve achieved our initial aim of making apparel that significantly outperforms your typical jeans and jacket combo, and we’re making a fully certified SA1NT Denim Race suit next!

Mike Lelliot, Co-Founder, SA1NT

With the advent of performance fibers like Dyneema®, we’re able to offer the authentic aesthetic that Cone is known for, combined with a modern design incorporating performance features like strength and durability.

Allen Little, Director of Product Development, Cone Denim

Our Dyneema® Denim coverall is amazing because it’s extremely abrasion resistant. It’ll protect you from an accident. But it doesn’t look or feel different than a regular denim.

David Borras, Co-Founder, El Solitario

When searching for the best abrasion-resistant fabric to use in my latest development, the Eversholt Motorcycle Jacket, I needed a fiber that was really strong but also breathable. Dyneema® was the obvious choice.

Ashley Watson, Founder, Ashley Watson

What is Dyneema® – and how is it used?

Dyneema® fiber is a form of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) which has been molecularly engineered to make it the world’s strongest fiber™. And when combined with traditional materials, Dyneema® fiber makes apparel and footwear lighter and stronger without compromising on strength, durability, or comfort. 

Wovens with Dyneema®

Adding Dyneema® to woven fabrics allows the creation of strong, durable performance apparel, footwear, backpacks, bags, luggage, workwear, and industrial clothing.

Denim with Dyneema®

Compared to other synthetic materials, only a relatively small amount of Dyneema® needs to be added to denim to elevate its durability, strength, and abrasion resistance. The result? Performance apparel, workwear, and motorcycle denim that’s stronger, lighter, and more comfortable than ever before, without impacting the look and feel of this iconic fabric.

Knits with Dyneema®

Knitted fabrics made with Dyneema® are ideal for protective apparel, sportswear, and workwear due to their exceptional abrasion, cut, and tear resistance. What’s more, Dyneema® is easy to combine with other synthetic or natural yarns.

Mesh with Dyneema®

Ideal for footwear and backpacks, mesh fabrics made with Dyneema® have outstanding breathability, strength, and abrasion resistance, as well as ultra-low weight.

Stronger together

By working closely with our trusted team of manufacturing partners, we ensure that all protective apparel made with Dyneema® delivers the highest levels of protection, comfort, and durability. The result? Enhanced safety, performance, and enjoyment of the sports that light up our lives.          

Where to buy

Protective apparel made with Dyneema® fiber are available from our trusted sellers across the globe.

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Design with Dyneema®

Feeling inspired to design protective apparel that’s way ahead of the pack? Then get in touch with the Dyneema® team. With their technical expertise, our specialists can support you in developing gear for a wide range of end-use applications.  

We’ve got technical centers in the Netherlands, Singapore, and the USA, each with state-of-the-art testing capabilities to assess the performance of your articles. Teams of experts who are always looking for ways to make Dyneema® even stronger and lighter. And certification support to ensure that your gear ticks all the right legal boxes. With this comprehensive package of technical assistance, we deliver strength in more ways than one. If you share our pursuit of excellence, why not get in touch?

Design with Dyneema®

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