Bio-based Dyneema® fiber is the world’s first-ever bio-based HMPE fiber. Based on renewable feedstock, it offers our customers a sustainable solution for their products – without compromising process efficiency or final product performance.

Same properties, same high performance

Bio-based Dyneema® fiber offers the same exact performance characteristics as conventional Dyneema® while boasting a carbon footprint that's 90% lower than generic HMPE fibers.

  • Strength: 15x stronger than steel at the same weight, with a tenacity of up to 42.5 cN/dtex
  • Resistance: Exact same cut, abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance
  • Process: Exact same manufacturing process
  • Longevity: Exact same longevity
  • Availability: Wide range of titers (yarn thickness); from 110 to 2,640 dtex
  • Reliability: No need for recertification
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What do we mean by bio-based Dyneema® fiber?

Great question. The sourcing and manufacturing of bio-based Dyneema® fiber follow the mass balance approach: an ISCC-certified accounting approach that helps track the flow of materials through the product life cycle – from sourcing through to final product development.

Waste from the pulp and timber industries is collected as feedstock. Both renewable and fossil feedstocks are combined in the processing to produce ethylene. The renewable share is then allocated to selected products. All production steps use existing infrastructure and processes – so switching from conventional to bio-based Dyneema® fiber means no change in product performance.

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Dyneema® = a low-carbon solution

Conventional Dyneema® already has a lower carbon footprint than generic HMPE fibers. That’s because it’s produced using 100% purchased renewable electricity.

In addition, bio-based Dyneema® fiber offers the same high performance as conventional Dyneema® – plus, it delivers:

  • A carbon footprint 90% lower than that of generic HMPE
  • 29 tonnes fewer CO2 emissions per metric ton of fiber produced (equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by growing 480 tree seedlings for 10 years)

ISCC certification

Bio-based Dyneema® fiber is ISCC certified. This lets the world know our product is manufactured based on responsible, sustainable practices, and that it originates from a transparent and traceable supply chain. It also guarantees that the volume of bio-based materials being sold exactly matches the amount that was originally sourced.

This information helps us and our value chain partners reduce our reliance on fossil-based resources – as we work to reduce our environmental impact and support a circular economy.


Bio-based Dyneema® fiber for your industry

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