A fully circular value chain for our products is only possible with the support of our customers and other value chain partners. That’s why we’ve joined forces with leading partners to launch CirculariTeam®: a cross-industry coalition made up of parties that use Dyneema® in various products and applications.

CirculariTeam® provides a platform for members to share knowledge, resources, and technologies – all with the goal of closing the loop on Dyneema®.

The seven CirculariTeam® focus areas

Together, we and our CirculariTeam® partners have identified seven focus areas where we can drive the transition toward renewable bio-based and recycled-based resources within our respective industries.

1. Reverse logistics:

Retrieving end-of-use HMPE products and channeling them to facilities where they can be recycled, processed and reused.

2. Recycle and reuse:

Establishing homogenous waste streams for post-consumer waste and developing effective reuse, refurbishing, reprocessing, and recycling solutions. 

3. Efficiency in production processes:

Reducing the waste during production and optimizing manufacturing processes accordingly. 

4. Separation of waste into material components: 

Separating blended materials and products in a cost-effective, waste-conscious manner.

5. Design for circularity:

Creating product designs that facilitate end-use-use repurposing, recyling, or repair, and that increase the product lifetime. 

6. Regulation: 

Driving global standards for returning Recyling products, educating the industry, and influencing behavioral changes. 

7. Information sharing:

Driving transparency and accountability around raw material use and product applications. 

We’re pleased to be collaborating on the CirculariTeam® coalition. This will not only enable us to better meet our customers’ growing demands for more sustainable, circular products, but also help us to collectively build a better world for generations to come.

James Kempston, CEO, NP Aerospace

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