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  • Badinotti Group SpA

    Badinotti Group SpA

    From the humble beginnings as an artesian fish net producer, the Badinotti Group has grown into a fully integrated supplier in the aquaculture industry, including turnkey projects and engineering services.

  • Egersund Net AS

    Egersund Net AS

    Egersund Net has established itself as one of Europe’s leading suppliers of seine nets and services for the fish farming business.

  • Euronete


    Euronete is the world's leading supplier of fishing nets, fibre ropes and related fishing gear.

  • Hampidjan hf

    Hampidjan hf

    Hampdijan is a proud supplier of Commercial Fishing Gear, Offshore Ropes, Maritime Ropes, Mooring Ropes and Heavy Lifting Gear.

  • Hvalpsund A/S

    Hvalpsund A/S

    Hvalpsund Net has a proud legacy of being a provider of equipment for a global fishery- and aquaculture industry for nearly 90 years. Our range reaches from solid fish nets and long lines to aquaculture cages and any kind of installations for the fish farm.

  • Mørenot


    Mørenot is a provider of solutions to the global fishing-, aquaculture- and seismic industries.

  • Net Systems Inc

    Net Systems Inc

    NET Systems is an innovative leader in the design and production of trawl nets, trawl doors, codends, and manufactured Offshore Aqua Culture products. NET Systems is part of the Nichimo Group of Japan, a world leader and manufacturer of netting, fishing nets and supplies, processing equipments, and seafood.

  • Netmark A/S

    Netmark A/S

    We have 40 years of experience with manufacturing of knotted netting in different fibers for pelagic trawling, bottom trawling, purse seining, aquaculture and other industries.

  • Van Beelen Group

    Van Beelen Group

    Van Beelen Group develops and produces high quality rope and netting products from two production locations in the Netherlands.

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